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I used to be a person who had raped and pillaged his community to no end. From the 80’s to the mid 90’s I had sold drugs to any and all in my community and others. In the area in which I grew up, it was in my eyes to survive the best way you can without getting mugged and/or shot by others. Streets were made of up of drug gangs, clicks like Bloods, Crips and Latin Kings. Either you joined them or became a lone wolf in life, trying to survive the onslaught of what was out there.


This is the way I had thought that life was made of since this is all I had seen. During my years of troubling the community, I worked for a living in many different areas of life. Always kept a job just incase the drug scene did not work out. Both employments would not last for a long while. There are no benefits in a world of drug dealing when you are either getting mugged, stab, shot or arrested. Life as such did not last to long for many that we have known in the streets. Death became a reality for my close friends and if the angel of death did not call upon you then the system did (incarceration). I myself did some time not, though not as much as my many of my friends.


The streets are powerful in life, like the Delfonics would sing "didn’t I blow your mind baby" and "I gave you my soul" and "all to you". This is what I gave to the streets, my soul and all. It did reward me with some instant pleasures and spoils of the world but I did not know that it would take it faster then I had received it. I was a fool in doing what I did, had to do what I had to do to survive. You don’t know what you can do in life unless put under pressure but I eventually put the pressure on myself.


Now I feel like what Tony Stubbs said in his book called "Recovering Your Lost Self from Adversity." Mr. Stubbs shared in his book, "What makes a person a winner? I have discovered it is not money and wealth at all. It is all attitude and belief about ourselves. Winners live in peace, happiness, harmony, joy with unconditional love and abundance." This is true in my life now. Mr. Stubbs could have not put it any better.


Currently, I am working as a mental health/substance abuse counselor for Fodham Tremont ACT Team and as an event manager for the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. I am also part of an organization called "Friends In Need" that has been feeding the homeless in the Lower East side of Manhattan of over 5 years. I worked as a Community Outreach Worker for Ryan-Nena in the Lower East side in which I go out to the community to bring about an awareness of HIV/AIDS and testing indviduals for the disease at schools or health fairs throughout NYC. In 2008 I took part in an 8 mile suicide walk to bring that awareness to our culture.


Starting LatinosNYC has helped me broaden my charity work. Through the organization we bring awareness to all Latino communities about HIV/AIDS, domestic violence among all men and women and suicide awareness among our Latino youth.


It’s my duty and call of life to do so. Raul Kahayarix Rios is your humble and grateful servant in life.


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