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LatinosNYC was founded in April of 2008. Its inception was born out of the vision of the Board's Chairman, Raul K. Rios, who recognized many of the ills of his community were either being overlooked or under recognized. Rios served his country in the United States Army from 1981-86, from which he retained the duties of the oath he took and a dedication to finishing his mission. These characteristics and more are discovered in everything LatinosNYC does.


The company's name derives out of the mosaic that is the Latino culture within New York City. A contrasting conglomerate of shades, dialects, customs and more that somehow share a thread of similarity that makes the diaspora so vastly unique and congruent simultaneously.


What started out as an interest in attending and participating in live performance art events, gradually shifted into Rios and the soon to be Board Members curating shows of their own. Momentum on their side, it all eventually morphed into a vehicle that could be used to empower, serve and share with others. A labor of need had also become a labor of love, of excitement, of possibilities, of more.


Over the last several years, LatinosNYC has proudly garnered recognition for their work and continiously are expanding their efforts to grow and improve upon on their success. We've taken place in an 8 mile suicide walk to bring about awareness of the grave matter affecting so many around us. We have and will ontinue to collect coats and clothes (new or slightly used) to give them to a placed called Independent Living in Brooklyn, NY, for unwed teenage mothers. We've also sent our donations to Haiti and Santo Domingo in times of needs and during the holidays. Our artist have performed all over the tri-state area and are branching out into the national performance scene, carrying with them our message and deliverance of need.


For more updates, please revisit the website. You can email us by visiting our Contact page as well as connecting with the Founder (Raul K. Rios) and Board Members (Monica, Chance & Liza Marie) via various social media websites and/or e-mail. LatinosNYC would love to hear from you and meet you at our public events. Thank you for your interest and support.



Spread the Word, Together We Grow.



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